KIXEYE's TOME: Immortal Arena​​​​​​​
Role: User Interface Artist
Time:  10 Months (2014 - 2015)
TOME was a fast paced MOBA game. It was initially intended to be a casual MOBA with short game play sessions that one could play in their browser. When Unity stopped supporting browser based game play, our team shifted to Steam. The game was launched in December 2014.
Product Goals
Create a casual/mid-core MOBA game that could be played over lunch. T
Short game session of only 10-15 minutes.

The audience for TOME was both people new to MOBA games, and experienced players.

My Role
I came onto to TOME as a UI Artist. Working closely with two to three other UI 
Artists, we created the visuals that the players would interact with. We also 
implemented our layouts into Unity. While on the team, I got to work on vector art, iconography, and even had the opportunity to paint some icons for the in game items.
User Interface
The project was already underway when I came onto the project. It was vital that I could match the existing style and expand upon it. The look was highly skeuomorphic and detailed, which presented a fun challenge. All assets I created were vector with styles applied, so they could be easily scaled and adjusted.
Character information screen I worked on with close up detail to the buttons and framing
Snippet of the Map Select  Screen  that I worked on. 
Unused In Game HUD Exploration for an unfinished game mode
 A shot of the chat UI that I created
Steam Achievement Icons
When the team found out that we were pivoting to Steam, my UI Lead and I worked in short time frame to create the iconography for the Steam Achievements. We 
wanted them to read at a small size, while having a gritty pop. 
From early sketches, finished assets, and implementation
In Game Icons
I had the opportunity to create three of the in game item icons. These had a 
painterly style and had to stylistically match pre-existing icons. They had to be 
readable at a small size.

When starting this endeavor, I had the name of the item and its effect. From there, I sketched out ideas of what the item could look like. After the sketches gained my UI Lead’s approval, I digitally painted the item using Photoshop.
Korzik’s Cowl sketches and final iteration
Dragon Scale sketches and final iteration
Eye of Garrit sketches and final iteration
The items inside the shop along with the other items
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